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This airline was named the safest for the year 2022

When it comes to airline ratings, this one went above and beyond – literally – to receive the highest safety marks of any for 2022.

Air travel was made difficult by the covid-19 epidemic, and as a result, airlines’ revenues decreased during 2021. Even now, compared to before the outbreak, there are far fewer passengers and planes. Because of the pandemic’s implications on air travel safety,, a product review, and airline safety website, has updated its list of the world’s safest airlines.

The website has placed Air New Zealand at the top of its ranking of the world’s safest airlines for the year 2022. chose Air New Zealand based on a number of characteristics, including its significant event records, aircraft age, accident history, operational innovation, and covid-19 processes. tracks 385 airlines around the world. Here’s everything you need to know about flying on the world’s safest airline in 2022.

Here’s What Sets Air New Zealand Apart From Other Airlines

Many characteristics distinguish Air New Zealand from its competitors. The Hobbit Safety Video, the Bear Essential of Safety, Men in Black Safety Defenders, and other comedic character-driven aviation safety videos are among them. Another factor is that Air New Zealand has received over 60 accolades and has been named Best Airline in a number of international competitions. Air New Zealand is also distinct in that it best depicts New Zealand culture through its in-flight menus, Mori designs, and other features. Air New Zealand also hosts annual museum exhibitions at tourist destinations throughout the country.

When visiting New Zealand, visitors will enjoy seeing these displays. Another feature that sets Air New Zealand apart from its competitors is that the airline provides more delectable in-flight meals than its competitors. Multi-cultural menus and New Zealand brands are among the dishes provided.

On certain flights, the airline even offered passengers the opportunity to receive the covid-19 vaccine. They were given the opportunity to do so at no additional cost. Passengers on Air New Zealand’s domestic and long-haul flights enjoy a unique and upgraded experience.

Here are some of the reasons why you should travel within New Zealand with Air New Zealand.

People may tour gorgeous, attractive New Zealand with many ticket options and a speedy check-in process while enjoying the many delectable foods and soft drinks given on the journey with Air New Zealand, which has roughly 20 domestic flight destinations in the country.

  • Air New Zealand offers four different ticket options for domestic flights. The Seat is the cheapest option, with one seat and one piece of carry-on luggage. Seat + Bag, Flexi Time, and Flexi Time Plus are some of the other options. Two pieces of check-in luggage, a carry-on, and a seat are included in the latter. It is refundable, and the destination, date, origin, and time of the flight can all be changed.

People traveling domestically with Air New Zealand are required to check-in 30 minutes prior to departure time for the check-in process. Those who have a connection to an overseas flight should arrive 60 minutes before departure to check-in. This can be done using the Air New Zealand app, website, or in-person at the airport. After checking in on the app or website, save the boarding pass to your phone so it can be scanned at the airport. The traveler, on the other hand, will be given a paper boarding pass while checking in at the airport.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Flying With Air New Zealand Overseas

Long-haul overseas flights with Air New Zealand are unlike any other. The airline serves the United Kingdom as well as the Americas. When flying with Air New Zealand on a long-haul flight, travelers can enjoy four unique experiences. The Economy class, for example, includes checked baggage, a seat, a carry-on bag, and in-flight meals. With fold-up footrests for economy-style sitting, the Economy Skycouch class provides an enhanced experience.

Traveling Premium Economy offers two pieces of check-in baggage, two pieces of carry-on baggage, and premium in-flight meals. In comparison to Economy Class, the chairs are also more spacious. The Business Premier experience, which includes Premier in-flight meals, a lie-flat armchair, three pieces of checked baggage, and two pieces of carry-on luggage, is the final option.

In-flight entertainment systems for each seat are available on Air New Zealand’s long-haul flights, allowing passengers to watch TV shows and movies, play games, listen to audiobooks and radio shows, and more. Passengers can also order food and drinks from the back of the seat’s touch screen TV. On this screen, they can also see the flight map.

Short-haul flights to and from the South Pacific and Australia are also available through Air New Zealand. There are six different types of tickets available for these destinations, as well as a variety of unforgettable meals and fantastic entertainment alternatives.

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