Our Code Of Ethics


To produce products that are a holistic alternative to toxic chemicals.



To ensure supply of sufficient organic products of high beneficial value, healthy Organic Solutions for sustainable Agriculture


Value Addition

Extension & Support services, Production of organic fertilizers to ensure organic food, Processing Produce into organic porridge, Embarking on Export promotion


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Our Project Model

The possibility of higher financial returns makes organic farming a potentially attractive option for farmers in a saturated bulk market.


Organic Fertilizer Production

Involving the production of both Liquid (foliar spray) and solid (Compost) which are a combination of Indigenous and effective microorganisms to replace toxic chemical products. The formula is OMRI Listed. Production of nutritious porridge and beauty products that are an effective alternative to



This involves agricultural food production is carried out on the basis of a buy-back agreement between IMOGANICS and the FARMER, specifying the required quality, input use, price & time of delivery


Food Procurement

Our model revolves around the collection and packing of purely organic products not limited to; food, milk, meat, and poultry for local, regional & international trade.


Seeds & Feed

Involves the production of seeds grown with a natural eye toward preventing disease, reducing pests and pressure, promoting faster germination & ensure plant vigor increases. Involves the production of organic feed for animals and poultry which is beneficial to preventing gastrointestinal disorders, mortality decrease & promote general animal health.

Our Essential Standards

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Why Organic Farming

Improves yield by at least 15%, Improves soil structure, Improves pore space (aeration for better root growth), Increases water-holding capacity which ensures drought resistance (better water supply for crops),

Increases the multiplicity of micro-organisms, Reservoir of NPK & S, Research has linked pesticides to cancer, asthma, birth defects as well as neurological,

Quality & Sufficient Production of Products & Services for Local and Export market.

There is increasing demand for organic products Globally, which has fostered IMOGANICS to design solutions that focus on organic services management to ensure quality & sufficient production of products for local and export market.

Organic Demand

Our Priorities

Strategic Priorities

  • Improved Productivity and incomes
  • Building Resilience and associated mitigation co-benefits
  • Research–Extension Services
  • Climate Change
  • Value Chain Integration
  • Improving and Sustaining Agricultural advisory Services

Services Summary

We Produce Organic Fertilizers, Design, Plan, Operate and Control Services offered to people, In practices not limited to; Farms & Lawns Management, Organic Feed Production, Organic Farm Tours, and Organic Demonstration Farms Setup.