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About Our Objectives

Our God-given creative capacities are employed for the betterment of others and our societies. Our energies and resources invested in production ought to serve God’s greater good in making a better world for the generations who are to follow

The Need

The worsening global environment, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, may reduce Uganda’s growth to below 6 percent in FY23 and FY24 because of trade disruptions, higher commodity prices, and increased risk aversion that may slow investments. Costlier inputs (e.g., fertilizers and transport) will also pose challenges for agricultural production, food security, and household incomes that are still recovering. 


Structural transformation is key for growth and poverty reduction. This will require changing the growth model and role of the state

Growth Drive

The current model of debt-financed public spending – which emphasizes infrastructure and has crowded out private sector borrowing – needs to be replaced with one where the private sector drives growth

Better Support

Better support for the vulnerable, farmers, and small enterprises; increasing uptake of digital technologies; and effective use of public resources.


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Our Commitment

Better income, better soil quality, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, high water retention and more diverse ecosystems & many organic farms will fare better in the future.