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How to Motivate Lazy People 

Last-Minute Panic

It’s an old trick out of the bag of tricks. It’s amazing how a last-minute worry boosts people’s work more than usual. When there is a last-minute hurry, people work harder.
A last-minute panic will undoubtedly inspire a slacker to accomplish more. Similarly, when confronted with a sudden shift, lazy people tend to boost their concentration and efforts. It might be a general shift in planning.
Changes in working methods
Bringing more serious topics to the table, meeting new obstacles, and so forth.
When there is a last-minute panic or a difficult situation, lazy people become immensely motivated to finish the task.


2. Do not take up the slack

Lazy people don’t mind if someone else bears their load. They don’t mind as long as the task is completed. Don’t be the one who picks up the slack. It’s not the proper method.

You may believe you are doing them a favor. Some people even believe they are actually assisting someone who is unable to perform the task. In actuality, this is not the case for them. Most of the time, lazy people do not care. They don’t mind if someone posts their work online for them. Everything is OK as long as the task is completed.

This is why it is critical to understand what causes a person to be lazy. Never take up the slack for a lazy individual unless there is a valid cause.



Using Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement may be beneficial. Words of encouragement such as ‘I know you can do it,’ or ‘I know you did well in the past, you can do it again’ might be beneficial.

People, regardless of age, are constantly looking for acknowledgement and positive reinforcement. It would be really motivating for someone who is constantly sluggish.


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