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During our Retreat in December, we offer special programs of mindful play for children, and a guided mindful activity programs for teenagers.

The program introduces children to basic mindfulness practices and offers sessions of mindful outdoors play for children aged 6-12 years and youth aged 13 – 18 years and throughout the retreat. Activities include; Worship, Prayer, games, sports, arts, crafts, meditation and physical exercise that is relevant and impactful.



Worship, Prayer, Learning soft skills, Presentation Skills, Showcasing, Public Speaking, special programs of mindful play, games, sports, arts, crafts, meditation and physical exercise, Effective Communication

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Our role is to impart discipline. We provide the kind of well-structured environment that develops self-discipline among students. We have our own set of rules and regulations, which must be strictly adhered to by every student. Students are taught to adhere to these rules at all times whether inside their camps or outside; this ensures harmony among different people.

Building Social Skills

Building Social Skills: Our role in building social skills is vital as it will ensure that students develop the ability to interact with their colleagues from different schools, races & backgrounds and understand them better. We are challenged to build interpersonal and communication skills among kids. It not only helps them find new friends and expand their social circle but also helps build close ties with tutors through team building activities, group tasks, guidance & career advise sessions. During our retreat, we celebrate major festivals together, which also helps to bring about greater cohesion among everyone involved.


Effective gospel teaching nourishes and uplifts children who are willing to listen. It builds their faith and gives them confidence to meet life’s challenges. It encourages them to forsake sin and obey the commandments. It helps them come to Christ and abide in His love. We need to teach children the law of God and the gospel of divine grace, show them their need for a Savior and point them to Jesus Christ as the only One who can save them.

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